The Awesome Combo

This is about the Awesome Combo, which is really about how you add music theory and learning styles to your study learning styles and the study of music, you have an unbeatable combination for growth.  of music.  With all three, music theory,

 If I reflect back on the stages of growth of the music lessons I have offered, and there’s been several stages now, the scale from that very, very first student up until where it is today it has ended up has been just extraordinary.

It’s just crazy, and it’s because of this thing I call the Awesome Combo. And it really is awesome. So, I just want to give you a quick overview of how this works, and maybe it’s a flash fast-forward into your life and what’s going to happen with your studies.  

In the Awesome Combo it’s the idea of daily advancing with the skill of playing your instrument, understanding how you uniquely learn and the theory of music.  You will have the opportunity to play music theory games and be given the tools to help you easily understand complex musical concepts..

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As you continue in your studies you will grow in your musical skill and understanding of yourself and others.  You will learn that everyone doesn’t understand information the same as you and you will become more tolerant with others shortcomings.   

You learn:

 how to read music

 how to listen to music

the dynamics within music

combinations of notes,

how they sound

how they are played.

You might even try your hand at improvisation. – Playing something that isn’t written down.