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If you are wondering about starting lessons, watch the webinar and receive the newsletters that help you get a better ‘reason’ for the commitment you will be making. Watch the webinar and start a class for the bonus of the ‘selfie profile’ masterclass defining more than just learning styles and dominance.

Five things you will wish you knew BEFORE starting music lessons!!

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Entire series of Beginner Books teacher membership

Violin PreTwinkle Open Strings Teacher Master Class
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One year of violin lessons start here:

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Keepers Level – The Teddy Bear’s Picnic Master Class

Teacher One Year Membership – entire Book 2 series

Master Classes for those who have had: Two or more years of violin lessons

Teacher Membership – Entire collection of literature from Book 3


Dolphins – Seitz 3 – Concerto 5 3rd Movement

Lots of fun extra Master Classes to build technique and to learn the languages of the Violin

Violin, piano, cello – MasterClass – Christmas Module

Piano Master Classes

Piano - Guppies Level
Piano Guppies – an exciting group of songs using more notes

Teachers Membership including all of the beginner master classes for a year membership.