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Fiddle Master Class
The violin is like our voice. It is the tool we use to produce different languages. Fiddle is a far cry from classical violin and a close cousin to Gypsy. Give it a try. Fiddle is played quickly in most cases. Download the sheet music and learn the song. Don't frustrate yourself by trying to play quickly when you are just learning the tunes. That will definitely come later. The first month you will pay the sale price of $100 Each month after, until canceled you will be charged $75.00. As always, any questions just email me at: Enjoy the journey,
Price: $225.14
Price: 100.00 USD per 1st month

Sheet music to download, mp3 audio, play-along video mp4 (some at various speeds if needed) tutorials


Email guidance weekly throughout the month

Zoom lesson

weekly surprises

Join the newsletter about fiddle, canons, Suzuki literature etc. Become a part of the online music school community. Compare ‘notes’ – have group zoom solo concerts and play-in’s.