Dashboard – Level One

Card Game
Position Position PositionKnow Your StringsBowing on open stringsFlash cards:Lunch Anyone??
All the classes are open for you to look at but Please Please Please master the classes in order before moving on. You should finish the first few classes in a week or so. The later classes will take a while. Have fun and keep in contact.

Class 1: Parts of the violin and bow

Class 2: Position Position Position

Class 3: Know Your Strings

Class 4: Bowing on open strings

Class 5: Let your fingers do the walking

Class 6: Lunch Anyone?

Class 7: Symbols

The first time you attend the class you will have to sign in. Click on the class in the dashboard and fill in your username and password. You are then ‘good to go’. Please take the classes in order. You don’t want to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ You want to be an artist/musician who will carry this skill will you throughout your life. Lots more goodies coming your way!

email me if you have any questions: carolanderson@scalesarentjustafishthingschool.com