Violin — Canons – MasterClass

Masterclass- Canons (most in the key of C)

Canons - Most in the key of C
The Canons - most in the key of C are a compilation of many rounds and canons for individuals with the play-along videos or a group
Price: $45.03
Play-along mp4, audio mp3, downloadable sheet music


Celebran Sans Cesse

Chairs to Mend

Christ Church in Oxford

Malt Come Down

Dona Nobis Pacem

Early to Bed

Fox and Geese

Frere Jacques

Great Bells of Oseney

Great Tom

Gaudeamus Hodie

Hava Nashirm

Hey Ho Nobody Home

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Mutton Pies

The Huntsmen

Joan Come Kiss Me Now

Joan Glover

Jubilate Deo

Merrily Merrily

Merrily We Row Along

Now We Are Met

Oh How Lovely is the Evening

Oh My Love


Row Row Row Your Boat

Rueben and Rachel

Shalom Cheverim

Sumer is a Cumin in


The Bell Doth Toll

The Huntsmen

To the Greenwood

Viva La Musica

White Cocklebells

The Wind Mill