Symbols – Ten Minute Music Theory Card Games

Mp4 play along videos at various speeds, mp3 audio to download and listen to when you aren’t actually practicing. Downloadable sheet music.

This MasterClass is offered for one month – the price is $45.00. The class will end after 1 month.

Symbols - Ten Minute Music Theory Card Games Templates
Symbols Templates - Take one week at a time and layer the 'one bit of information' on top of the next. By the time you are done you will have embedded more than you ever thought you could in just one month. Complex music theory concepts are taught through fun, energy packed card games. First month $40.00 following months $20.00
Price: $100.06
Price: $40.02

You will still have access to me by email anytime. Enjoy the journey….it will be an amazing ride.

Month One – Symbols with Symbols Simply match the symbol with the same symbol

Month One – Symbols with Names Match the Symbol with their Names

Month One – Symbols with Rests Each Symbol has a Rest of equal value

Month One – Symbols Tic Tac Toe Great group lesson game Bingo – Tic Tac Toe

Month One – Symbols Hierachy A great finale to your study of Symbols