Selfie Profile MasterClass

Monday audio vignette:

A Message from Carol

The Audio book is available as part of the Master Class. Each daily vignette is read to you and to some degree discussed.

Selfie Profile Master Class – It is huge. Make sure you block out the required time so you get the most out of it.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss in very short, 5 minute stories during the weeks when we build an understanding of ourselves and others. They aren’t instructive talks. They are stories, examples and ideas to mentally ‘chew’ on.

‘ Data with a Soul’.

Take one or two a day. Once you complete the Master Class, you might want to consider the 7 week course of the Igniting Sleeping Brains Project – taking one week on each of your senses and layering very simple, non-threatening activities to force your brain to vie for dominance and build extra paths. The class will only be offered to those who have gone through the “Igniting Sleeping Brains 7 Day Challenge Project” and the Master Class.

“Who are the Super Heroes?”
“Super Heroes are Happy”
“Super Hero Test and answers”
“Facial Dominance”
“Eye Dominance”
“Hand foot and ear dominance”
“A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish”
“A Study in Happiness and Commitment”
“Comparing Stress vs Burnout”
“Don’t think about Fish”
“I Played the Truck”
“The Parking Lot and the Why Behind our Choices “
“Desirable qualities and Undesirable flaws and why does that matter when studying music?”
“Compliant or Cooperative – Which is better?”
“How We are Wired and Why it Matters When Learning Music — or anything for that matter”
“What Others Think and Why it shouldn’t Matter”
“Organized Clutter”
“Wait for it!”
“The Perfect Storm”
“Winter Doldrums”
“Creatively Strengthening Mini Minds”
“The dimmer switch on progress”
“The Pattern Interrupt”
“Moments are the ‘bytes’ of our life”
“Practice with sticking power”
“3 Steps: Make a dream a vision and then a reality”
“Healthy Model vs Diseased Model”
“Smorgasbord Feast for the Brain”
“Chatting with the birds”
“What if you knew the end of the game at the beginning?”
“Planting Seeds”
“Don’t fight the Loss – Define and Fight the battle”
“Take Back Your Life and Make it Happen”
“5 points for making memories”
“Igniting Sleeping Brains Strategy”
“The 8’s week one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight”
“Crutches to Creativity”
“See – Hear – or Move to Process Information and life around you”
“Mind Control – I feel Happy, I feel Healthy, I feel Terrific!”
“Playing Music at the Grandparents’ house”
“Memorial Day”
“The Flow”
“Enriching the Brain”
“You deserve a break today ….if…. “
“Character First “
” Four D’s We can Influence and One we Can’t”
“Are you in the cycle of the revolving door?”
“Anchors in Life”
“Capture the Moment”
“Mommy Manifesto”
“It’s Easier to Start Something than Finishing it”
“The Psychology of Choice”
“What is Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing?”
“When children’s or our eyes are distracted – focus”
“The value of speed and games in learning”
“Three kinds of Music Readers”
“Creatively strengthen music students”
“Life is better when in balance”
“A cup of tea”
“Perfection vs Excellence”
“Greenhouse Mentoring”
“Today I identified with a gas station”
“What is the Gas that Runs the Motor that Feeds the Meter?”
“Practice – A little thought on a little change”
“Drift – Driven – Design your Practice”

Igniting Sleeping Brains

‘One bit of information’ about how each of us uniquely processes information

Short little vignettes to give you some thought provoking stories and challenges. Be sure to start a chart defining how you would answer the questions posed in the lessons.

We will discuss them during the Q&A week.