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Violin – MasterClass –Module 1 -PreTwinkle Practice on open strings
Parts of the Violin
Parts of the Bow
Parts of the violin study cards
Parts of the violin memory game
Parts of the violin go fish card game

One bit of information is presented through a large picture followed by a series of descriptions. With each pass through the book, a new description can be added. Eventually, the part and its use are understood without extra effort. Enjoy Learning the names of the parts of an instrument is foundational to the study of that instrument. Instructions can be laser-focused by the teacher and carried out by the student without terms like: “Put your thumb on the ‘thing-a-ma-jig’ while you are bringing the ‘whachamacallit’ to the ‘bottom’. Teachers can use the book on their computers to teach the parts of the instrument. Be sure to check out the playing card games “Go Fish” and “Memory for Non-Readers”. Templates are available. Next, get acquainted with the strings on the violin and the position needed to play with quality.
Beginner Violin Know Your Strings
Start here!!!!! Position Position Position
Know Your E String
Know Your A String
Know Your D String
Know Your G String
Open String Challenge
3 – Violin Beginner Bowing – Speed Exercises
Walking bows
Running Bows
Jump Rope Bows
Hopping Bows
Rolling Around Bows
Stretching bows
Toe Touching Bows
Twirling Bows
Open Strings Card Game
Scales Aren’t Just a Fish
Violin – MasterClass – Let Your Fingers do the Walking – Exercise play-alongs
First Finger on the A String
Second Finger on the A String
Let Your Fingers Do the Walking
Review: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Flash cards
April Fool’s Joke

5 Classes of exercises and practice on your fingers in the first position. 1st finger on the A string songs with sheet music and play-along music. Second finger on the A string songs and sheet music. Mary had a Little Lamb. Digital Books – Let Your Fingers Do the Walking. Songs for the third finger on the A string and Songs for the first finger on the E string. This book sets you up to play Twinkle and the songs in the Twinkle Master Class
Violin – MasterClass – Lunch Anyone – Let’s make a musical sandwich
Mary Had a Little Lamb
Bread and Cheese Sections (A) (B)
Make a Charlie Brown Sandwich
Make a Strawberry Sandwich 🙂
Make a See You Later Alligator Sandwich 🙂
Make an I Love (sh) Mom Sandwich 🙂

Scales Aren’t Just a fish thing

Make a sandwich means to learn the structure of a piece of music. You will learn rhythms and put them together into a song. Starting with practice songs for just the individual fingers you will quickly learn the proper placement of your fingers. By the time you are done this module, you will be playing lots of tunes. Mary had a little lamb, Hot Cross Buns, and the rhythm sandwiches.