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Piano white key tunes - staff and keyboard one month

White Keys

The White Keys Piano books has songs for every white note, mp4 play-along music, mp3 audio and downloadable sheet music. But……..if you want the printed book as well check this out.


It isn’t our goal to become sophisticated or classy. Our goal is to learn to sight-read music as if it were a second language. Learning happens best when we are having fun. Most of all, our purpose is to ignite our sleeping brains, by using music as the catalyst, to pull each of us through whatever it is that challenges us. Dyslexia, mental short circuits, and learning differences are no match for Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing.Scales Aren’t Just a Fish thing mingles direct attention to learning styles through the use of music to give students with various learning differences a chance to learn easily while having fun.Songs Included are:Twinkle Twinkle Little StarABC SongBaa Baa Black SheepThe Bear Went Over the MountainChipmunks love Peanuts (Go Tell Aunt Rhody)Row Row Row Your BoatHey Diddle Diddle Rain Rain Go AwayDiddle Diddle Dumplin’ My Son JohnA Peanut Sat on a Railroad TrackA Frog Went a Courtin’Hickory Dickory DockOh Dear What Can the Matter BeHere We Go Around the Mulberry BushAnchors AweighO’Come Little ChildrenLong Long AgoMay SongOld MacDonald Had a FarmAllegroRemember: All the tunes are written in the same key as the violin music so both instruments can play easily together.Have fun!!

Although the master classes are separate, Twinkle and Guppy, the sheet music book is combined. If you want a book with all the songs check the one below.


Piano level – Guppies (Scales Aren’t Just a Fish Thing)

Christmas Carol Sheet Music and Play-alongs
Christmas Music

The Piano, Cello, Mandolin and Violin music is all combined in the teacher book. You can, however, take it slowly with the individual books for melody and harmony. All of this is in the master class that you can download, but if you want to have it in individual books, check out the paperbacks available.

Since the song is written in flats, the note that is flatted is circled with the color it is moving toward. The stem color is for the stringed instruments so they can assure themselves they are on the correct string.




Bass Clef Piano or Cello Note Locator (Sight-reading Music)