Piano – Guppies Level Gum Drop Notes

Piano - Guppies Level
The Guppies Level of Gum Drop Notes for the Piano includes songs like: Allegro, A Frog Went a Courtin', Chipmunks love peanuts (Go Tell Aunt Rhody), Andantino, Twinkle, O Come Little Children, Hey Diddle Diddle, I've Been Working on the Railroad, May Song, A Peanut Sat, The Bear Went Over the Mountain, Oh Dear What Can the Matter Be?, Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, and Long Long Ago. Month 2 and on only $50.00 a month
Price: $125.08
Price: 75.00 USD per 1st month

Using Gum Drop Notes is simple

With a degree in psychology and 30 years as a violin teacher, this incredible method developed to help students, no matter the age or learning difference, in their quest to deeply understand music theory, sight-reading and the actual tones being played.

The Gum Drop Notes color coding does not represent any psychological issue. We aren’t really seeing colors as we play. What is happening is that each note becomes a tone with a unique sound and color of its own. It takes on a characteristic that can be identified.

Keep in mind that the colors of the notes are subliminally teaching complex music theory concepts without a word of lecturing. Stem colors indicate the string the note is to be played on. Sharps and flats are reinforced by a circle of the color the note is moving toward. Card games to go along with the sheet music tunes teach the order and relationship of notes, symbols and rhythms, etc. Play-along movies bring the student up to polished speed and teach the the tune before the student begins to study the music.

It all seems too good to be true, but once you begin to use the Gum Drop Notes sheet music, play along mp4, and card games, you will be amazed at how fast you learn music theory and the music you are studying and memorizing.