Piano white key tunes – MasterClass – staff and keyboard

Getting to know and understand the piano starts with learning the sounds it makes. Here is a course of 15 lessons that will get you started on the right foot.

For less than the cost of one lesson, you will have 15 lessons to either begin your journey as a musician or support what you are learning with your teacher. Either way, you will be the ‘head of the class’ when you realize you are excelling far beyond the normal student.

Piano white key tunes - staff and keyboard
The Master Class 'Piano white key tunes - staff and keyboard' starts you on the path of understanding the piano keyboard and the tones that are produced.

Bass Clef Note Locator

Tic Tac Toe – Musical Symbols

Know Your A Tone

Know Your B Tone

Know Your C Tone

Know Your D Tone

Know Your E Tone

Know Your F Tone

Know Your G Tone

Daily Exercises: Walking Tune

Daily Exercises: Running Tune

Daily Exercises: Hopping Tune

Daily Exercises: Stretching Tune

Daily Exercises: Toe Touching Tune

Daily Exercises: Jumping Rope

Daily Exercises: Rolling Around