Manatees – Book 3

All the classes have play-along music at various speeds with mp4 videos, mp3 audio and downloadable sheet music. If you want it in book form check out below.

Gavotte by Martini – Gavotte by Martini is a long song with lots of sections. In order to memorize it efficiently and have a way of mentally putting it together, let’s make a ‘Dagwood’ sandwich with all the parts. First, play games with the playing cards until each part is memorized. Then put it together. As this is already the series in Gum Drop Notes – Manatees Book Threeâ„¢ I assume you know the drill. But just in case you are jumping in the deep end, let me explain how it works. Each note has its own color. A = Red B Purple, C = Brown (chocolate), D = Gray, E = Blue, F = Orange, G = Green. Any sharp or flat is circled with the color it is moving toward. The stem of the note is the color of the string it is played on.