Master Class – Lunch Anyone?

Violin - Lunch Anyone?
Make a sandwich means to learn the structure of a piece of music. You will learn rhythms and put them together into a song. Starting with practice songs for just the individual fingers you will quickly learn the proper placement of your fingers. By the time you are done this module, you will be playing lots of tunes. Mary had a little lamb, Hot Cross Buns, and the rhythm sandwiches.
Price: $47.53

Thanks for adding to your musical adventure with the Master Class Module, ‘Lunch Anyone’. This course is the next in a series of essential courses for building great technique and a structure for all future classes. Each song has parts that are repeated. This is what we will be learning by making each part of the song, a part of a sandwich. Maybe you will have two pieces of bread and a piece of cheese or two. Take your time and be sure to have a great position while you play. No sitting down. You simply can’t lean on your left foot when you are sitting. If you have any questions or just want to send me a video of your progress I would love to hear from you.

Have fun!!

1 Finger Games to prepare to play a sandwich

2 Mary Had a Little Lamb

3 Bread and Cheese Sections (A) (B)

4 Make a Charlie Brown Sandwich

5 Make a Strawberry Sandwich 🙂

6 Make a See You Later Alligator Sandwich 🙂

7 Make an ‘I Love (sh) Mom’ Sandwich 🙂