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Self-directed master classes for every level of skill *violin*

Pre-Twinkle Violin Open Strings Songs and Exercises
Violin – MasterClass – Let Your Fingers do the Walking – Exercise play-alongs
Violin – MasterClass – Lunch Anyone – Let’s make a musical sandwich
Violin – Master Class – Twinkle Class of Gum Drop Notes & Nursery Rhymes To Play
Violin – MasterClass – The Guppy School
Violin – MasterClass – Salmons
Violin – MasterClass – Graduates Book One

A Year in Level Two

Level Two- purchased separately on a monthly subscription or as a one year study program

Songs from the great composers from years past and their biographies

Keepers Level – Chorus from Judas Maccabeus

Keepers Level – Musette by Bach

Keepers Level – Hunter’s Chorus by Carl Maria Von Weber

Keepers Level – Waltz by Johannes Brahms

Keeper Level – Long Long Ago by Thomas Bayly

Keepers Level – Bourree By George Frideric Handel

Keeper Level – The Two Grenadiers by R. Schumann
Witches Dance – Paganini
Keepers Level – Gavotte from Mignon
Keeper Level – Gavotte by Lully

Keepers Level – Minuet in G by Bach

Keepers Rigoletto and Teddy Bear’s Picnic

Keepers Level – Minuet by Boccherini

Level Three- purchased separately on a monthly subscription or as a one year study program

The Manatees – Level Three

Manatees – Gavotte by Martini

Manatees Level – Minuet Three by Bach

Manatees – Gavotte in G Minor

Manatees – Humoresque by Dvorak

Manatees – Gavotte in D Major by J.S.Bach

Manatees – Gavotte by Becker

Manatees – Bourree by Bach

A Year in Level Four

Level Four- purchased separately on a monthly subscription or as a one year study program

Dolphins – Seitz 1 Concerto No2, 3rd Movement

Dolphins – Seitz 2 – Concerto 5 1st movement

Dolphins – Seitz 3 Concerto 5 3rd Movement

Dolphins – Lullabies Schubert
and Brahms

The Dolphins – Concerto in A Minor 3rd Movement – Antonio Vivaldi

The Dolphins– Concerto in A Minor 1st Movement – Vivaldi

The Dolphins – Bach Double Concerto for Violins in D Minor

Add on Master Classes

Violin – Selfie Profile

Violin – Early One Morning

Violin – Pachelbel’s Canon – MasterClass

Violin – MasterClass – Canons (most in the key of C)

Violin – MasterClass – Fiddle Tunes – Gum Drop Notes

Violin – MasterClass – Fickle Fingers Companion Books Finger Positions

MasterClass – Christmas Sheet Music and Play-along for Violin, Piano and Cello

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