Beginner violin – Know Your Strings

Violin - Know Your Strings
This class is a great foundation for any violin student. It gives the basics of a great bowing arm, bow direction, recognition of notes and tones. It basically has the scaffolding you need to start a perfect playing position and tone. Take your time and get to the point where you can actually play the open string tunes at the speed of the play-along mp4. Download the sheet music and work through it with your bow in the perfect position and a great bow hold (all explained in the previous class of 'Position Position Position') The first month will be at the reduced price of $25.00. Future months will be automatically charged at $10.00 until cancelled.
Price: $50.03
Price: $25.02

To establish a great base for your study of the violin, you should build the skill of bowing correctly, standing….yes, standing correctly as you play the violin, and how to start to read music with one bit of information at a time.