A cup of coffee with me

If you wanted to start taking music lessons……

If you could have a cup of coffee with me, what would you ask?

Removing the black notes that don’t really teach us more than just memorizing which note sits where

We replace them with notes that teach music theory through the back door of learning
where there are no roadblocks or short circuits

Colored notes remove any roadblocks. Each note has a color representing the overtones. Each sharp or flat is circled by the color of the tone it is moving toward.

Slowly – notice that F is sharp in the key signature so I circled it with the color of the note it was moving toward – G=green. Notice the accidental C#. It is circled with gray for D=gray
Up to speed

Beginner level

Level One – purchased separately on a monthly subscription or as a one year study program

From Beginner to Playing Minuets and a Gavotte

Violin – MasterClass –Module 1 -PreTwinkle Practice on open strings
Violin – MasterClass – Let Your Fingers do the Walking – Exercise play-alongs
Violin – MasterClass – Lunch Anyone – Let’s make a musical sandwich
Violin – Master Class – Twinkle Class of Gum Drop Notes & Nursery Rhymes To Play
Violin – MasterClass – The Guppy School
Violin – MasterClass – Salmons
Violin – MasterClass – Graduates Book One

A Year in Level Two

Level Two- purchased separately on a monthly subscription or as a one year study program

Songs from the great composers from years past and their biographies

Keepers Level – Chorus from Judas Maccabeus
Keepers Level – Musette by Bach
Keepers Level – Hunter’s Chorus by Carl Maria Von Weber
Keepers Level – Waltz by Johannes Brahms
Keeper Level – Long Long Ago by Thomas Bayly
Keepers Level – Bourree By George Frideric Handel
Keeper Level – The Two Grenadiers by R. Schumann
Witches Dance – Paganini
Keepers Level – Gavotte from Mignon
Keeper Level – Gavotte by Lully
Keepers Level – Minuet in G by Bach
Keepers Rigoletto and Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Keepers Level – Minuet by Boccherini

Level Three- purchased separately on a monthly subscription or as a one year study program

The Manatees – Level Three

Manatees – Gavotte by Martini
Manatees Level – Minuet Three by Bach
Manatees – Gavotte in G Minor
Manatees – Humoresque by Dvorak
Manatees – Gavotte in D Major by J.S.Bach
Manatees – Gavotte by Becker
Manatees – Bourree by Bach

A Year in Level Four

Level Four- purchased separately on a monthly subscription or as a one year study program

Dolphins – Seitz 1 Concerto No2, 3rd Movement
Dolphins – Seitz 2 – Concerto 5 1st movement
Dolphins – Seitz 3 Concerto 5 3rd Movement
Dolphins – Lullabies Schubert
and Brahms
The Dolphins – Concerto in A Minor 3rd Movement – Antonio Vivaldi
The Dolphins– Concerto in A Minor 1st Movement – Vivaldi
The Dolphins – Bach Double Concerto for Violins in D Minor

Add on Master Classes

– Monthly subscriptions (second month is at a reduced fee)

Selfie Profiles
Violin – Early One Morning
Violin – Pachelbel’s Canon – MasterClass
Violin – MasterClass – Canons (most in the key of C)
Violin – MasterClass – Fiddle Tunes – Gum Drop Notes
Violin – MasterClass – Fickle Fingers Companion Books Finger Positions
MasterClass – Christmas Sheet Music and Play-along for Violin, Piano and Cello

Either a month of lessons or a year subscription with access to all the lessons in that level……plus zoom meetings, weekly meetups on Facebook, extra videos and always….at any time…..email support. 🙂